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Whether you’re an industrial manufacturing company or a tech consulting firm, our team of carefully selected brokers and partners will work hard to put together a tailored solution specifically for your business.

In 2015, Hollard was voted The Best Commercial Insurer and Etana The Best Corporate Insurer. Because two is almost always better than one, the two companies joined forces to form one big Hollard.

We are passionate about your business!

Due to the diverse nature of our clients’ businesses we have formed strategic relationships with a few select South African insurance companies who are able to offer our clients the best insurance solutions at competitive prices. Our partnership with Hollard dates back to 1995.

In 2014 Hollard acquired the balance of Etana Insurance and for interest sake Etana Insurance originally traded under the name Fedsure General Insurance Company (Fedgen), which was originally formed in 1938. In 2002, Hollard bought Fedgen’s insurance business and placed it in a specialist commercial division, Hollard Commercial and General (HCG).

In 2006, operating under the Hollard insurance licence, Hollard Commercial and General merged with Zimisele, a black-owned underwriting management agency. On the 13th November 2007 this merged business was transferred to the newly formed Etana Insurance which was granted an unrestricted short-term insurance licence by the Financial Services Board.

Staying ahead in business today means having insurance to cushion your company from the unexpected – whether you run a data company or a diamond mine.

Bosch Assurance Brokers provides policies underwritten by Hollard which provides cover to companies with significant asset values across a wide range of industry sectors, including but not limited to mining, energy, manufacturing, financial services, technology and communication, real estate and retail.

From insuring deep-level mines to shopping centres, our experts have a specific solution that suits your business needs. Specific cover is arranged in accordance with every company’s unique insurance requirements – and insurance brokers are pivotal to the placement of the insurance programme.

No matter the size of your business – commercial insurance is one of the most important investments you can make. Instrumental in protecting a business from a variety of risks, commercial insurance provides valuable protection against loss, damage, business interruption, employee injury and a number of other vulnerabilities that are out of your control.

Bosch Assurance Brokers offers a broad range of commercial insurance products that are tailored to suit the unique requirements of your business. Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with our underwritters allows us to provide value-added commercial insurance solutions that protect and benefit our clients’ businesses and the people who run them.

Providing risk benefit solutions to retirement funds, employer and affinity groups.

With the support of the Hollard Group we have a good understanding of diverse life and short-term insurance products, structures and markets; which provides invaluable experience that you, our partners, and your clients can draw from to explore alternative business markets and strategies.

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