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Make sure your loved ones love you forever with life cover that pays out a lump sum should you pass away.

The “what ifs” in life aren’t easy to think about. What if I become disabled in an accident – will I be able to afford the changes I need to make in my home? What if I get cancer and can’t work anymore – who will pay the home loan? And what if I die – will my family be able to afford my funeral as well as their ongoing monthly expenses when I’m gone?

By insuring your life with us, you can continue making memories with the people you love without worrying about the future. Our easy, flexible life insurance treats you as an individual, giving you the cover that you really need for your particular life stage. We also have the fewest general exclusions in the marketplace, so you and your family won’t be left short of cash when you need it most.

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Key Benefits

At Bosch Assurance Brokers our policies are underwritten by Hollard. Over five million policy holders trust Hollard. So why should you? Because Hollard philosophy of simplicity and accessibility, together with their unique approach to managing risk, means that we stand out from the crowd. Hollard offers life insurance to everyone – even those who traditionally wouldn’t be covered, such as people with HIV.

Do you want to be free to live your life, knowing that tomorrow is taken care of? Talk to us and sign up for Hollard my life & more to get the all-in-one cover and complete peace of mind. It’s the best you can do for your family – and we can help you make it happen.

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